Kosta Boda/Orrefors

Kosta Boda is one of the world’s leading brands of glassware and art glass. Technology and an understanding of glass have been refined in the heart of the forests in the Swedish province of Småland ever since 1742. Kosta Boda glassware is vibrant, bold, innovative and provocative. It stands out and takes center stage. Kosta Boda is true passion.

The ambition for all glass from Orrefors is the highest possible quality and exquisite design. Orrefors preserves its heritage with great reverence. The glassworks is a living organism, so that this heritage is passed on and developed. For 70-80 years, art glass has been the virtual spearhead of all glass production in Sweden. It is art glass that has made and is still making the name of Orrefors a worldwide synonym for quality and beauty.

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